The processing of regional stone for a fireplace

In the processing of local stone for producing statuaries and information, the progression could not have been numerous and some artisans still use only hand-forged chisels and a wooden hammer: the only devices to guarantee a real master craftsman to make safety a fireplace with harmonious features of the past and the refinement and perfection of modern handiwork.Check this Furnace Service Toronto for more information

Make and develop sculptures found on the sides of the fireplace is a careful and precise measurement of working parts that need to be perfectly integrated and dosed according to the last measures of the entire framework: the “pietra leccese” is processed differently according to the sections to be created and is never ever worked directly from the block extracted, but is initially chosen to guarantee a clear and great nuances, quickly flexible.

The most superficial part of stone block is eliminated with a power saw and with chisel and hammer, then continue dealing with the chisel hammer to specify the general part of the opera. As soon as you have actually reached have a general figure, with hammer and chisel to find information and smaller sized designs, making use of different types of files, sandpaper and some apparatus for constant cleansing of the machined part, to see the modifications and ameliorate the final result in the form and in the shade.


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